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FAQs for California Participants

The following describes the requirements for survey administration in California. To keep costs and local effort to a minimum, staff take the survey online, via the Internet, using a school-specific login and following simple instructions.

Who should take the survey?

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The California School Staff Survey  should be offered to all staff. This is necessary to obtain a large enough sample to have confidence that the results are truly representative (i.e., valid, not biased) and to maintain school anonymity. Although the CSSS is available to all staff, those who do not wish to participate are not required to do so.

How is the survey coordinated?

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The district CHKS coordinator schedules the CSSS and submits any questions that the district would like added. CSSS instructions are e-mailed.

How is the survey administered?

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The survey must be completed online in one session.  At the end of that session, results are submitted electronically to WestEd.

How is confidentiality maintained?

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The survey is anonymous and all results are confidential. No information is provided that is derived from any subgroups of less than five respondents. Anyone having access to the dataset must sign a Memorandum of Understanding to preserve this confidentiality.

How are the results reported?

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District main reports are sent electronically to the survey coordinator and posted annually on our website in November following the survey administration.

How many schools conduct the survey?

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It takes two years to complete the full cycle of survey administration among California schools. During the latest two-year period, the survey was completed by 698 districts, 6,612 schools, and 107,603 staff.

Who has access to the data?

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Researchers may have access to the data after signing a Memorandum of Understanding and agreeing to preserve confidentiality.

What are the survey costs?

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Please see our Cal-SCHLS fee schedule (pdf).

How do I sign up?

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Sign up using the step-by-step directions for the California School Staff Survey and the California Healthy Kids Survey, or by calling the CHKS/CSSS Helpline at 888.841.7536

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