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Supplemental Modules

Military Connected Schools Module

In 2010, the White House made its commitment to supporting military families as a top national security policy. As part of this initiative, in January 2011, the administration released Strengthening Our Military Families: Meeting America’s Commitment, a report outlining a Federal Government-wide approach to supporting the education of children from military families:

“2. Ensure excellence in military children’s education and their development,
2.1. By improving the quality of the educational experience;
2.2. By reducing negative impacts of frequent relocations and absences; and
2.3. By encouraging the healthy development of military children.”

In response to this national initiative, WestEd is collaborating with the University of Southern California and a consortium of eight school districts in the Building Capacity in Military-Connected Schools Consortium, and have developed a series of Military Connected School Modules for the Healthy Kids School Climate Surveys. These include survey versions for elementary students, secondary students, school staff, and parents. The military modules will allow schools to gather anonymously the views of students, parents, teachers, and administrators about their schools and the educational, developmental, and health-related needs of their students. Their collective voices will be used to establish sustainable military-friendly school climates that improve social, behavioral, and academic outcomes. These modules are available online to any school interested in including them in their survey administration.

Download the Military-Connected School Module

Contact your Cal-SCHLS Regional Center to administer the Military-Connected School Module in your district.

Special Education Supports Module

The 12-question Special Education Supports Module (SESM) provides data about the perceptions and concerns of personnel who have responsibilities for teaching or providing related services to students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). The module focuses on bureaucratic barriers to effective service delivery, integration and collaboration between general and special education, expectations and supports for special populations, and personnel supports.

The SESM is intended to help schools:

  • effectively meet the needs of students with IEPs;
  • create a supportive, positive working environment for SE staff; and
  • address the growing challenge of recruiting and retaining staff with expertise in services to these students.

Download Special Education Supports Module

Contact your Cal-SCHLS Regional Center to administer the Special Education Supports Module in your district.

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