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If you are a California Local Education Agency (LEA) and you would like to sign up for either the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) or the California School Staff Survey (CSSS), please read below.

Step 1: Review Materials

As your district’s CHKS/CSSS coordinator, it is essential that you understand the basic tasks involved in survey administration. Before calling your Cal-SCHLS Regional Center (Step 2), you MUST review:

  • The Guidebook for California School Climate Survey for Teachers and Other Staff, Part I: Administration (pdf) – Coming Soon! 8/31. This short guide explains the new staff School Climate Survey – what it’s about, who has to take it, and how it’s administered.
  • The Guidebook for the California Healthy Kids Survey, Part I: Administration (pdf) – Coming Soon! 8/31. We require that you review this document, as it contains helpful information about the CHKS that also pertains to the CSCS. Part I of the CHKS Guidebook provides detailed instruction on all aspects of administering the survey in California, along with ready-to-use support materials and tools. It serves as a step-by-step guide to the tasks that need to be performed, and contains an overview to the survey’s purpose, its content and format, its requirements, the reporting process and fees, and the procedures for maintaining data confidentiality.
  • The Guidebook for the California Healthy Kids Survey, Part III: Data Use and Disseminiation (pdf) – Coming Soon! 8/31. Part III is designed to help local practitioners and policy makers get the most out of the rich data contained within each CHKS report. CSCS users should familiarize themselves with this document as well, as it will assist schools in: (a) understanding their results, (b) assessing their results, and (c) deriving the maximum benefit from their data. It provides a basic road map that can lead you from the beginning of the "data-use" process (reviewing your report and assessing your data) to the end (using data to make programmatic decisions).
  • The CHKS Survey Instruments. Get acquainted with our most recent California Healthy Kids Surveys, including the Elementary Survey, and the Middle School and High School Modules A-F. Information about the relationship between the CHKS and the CSCS surveys can also be found at this link.

Step 2: Contact Cal-SCHLS Regional Center for copy of Memorandum of Understanding

The Memorandum of Understanding outlines the responsibilities of both the Local Education Agency (LEA) and the Cal-SCHLS Regional Center and the conditions that must be met in administering the surveys. It must be signed by an LEA representative before services can be continued.

Do NOT send payment in advance. A sales quote (SQ) for your basic costs will be e-mailed to you. Please send us a purchase order (PO) or check based on this SQ. You may order additional items such as school reports or electronic copies on the registration form.

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