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Statewide Aggregated School Climate Reports

Austin, G., & Bailey, J. (2008) What teachers and other staff tell us about California schools: Statewide results of the 2004-06 California School Climate Survey. San Francisco: WestEd.
This report presents findings from statewide administrations of the CSCS from 2004-2006. It focuses on teachers’ and other school staffs’ beliefs about what is and is not working in their schools to promote the best possible teaching and learning environments.

WestEd. (2011). California School Climate Survey, Statewide results, 2008-10. Report 1. What teachers and other staff tell us about our schools. San Francisco: WestEd Health & Human Development Program for the California Department of Education.
The results reported by teachers, administrators, and other school staff between fall 2008 and spring 2010. Updates the previous report on 2004-06 results and includes an introductory overview to the trends in the survey results since then, which indicates little change. The data were provided by almost 94,000 school staff in 4,844 schools in 670 districts.

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