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Brief research reports based on the CSSS data.

Factsheet 1 (pdf): How School Climate Perceptions Vary by the Race and Ethnicity of Staff

White and, to some extent, Asian/Pacific Islander staff members were more likely than other staff in 2008-10 to report that their schools provide a positive, supportive, and safe learning environment for students; and that the students that they serve come to school ready to learn. Conversely, African American staff are less likely than others to report that the school provides a positive learning and working environment, that it is safe and supportive for students, that relations among staff are collegial, and that students come to school ready to learn. Latino/Hispanic staff generally report levels of school climate that are in the mid-range between the reports of Whites and Asian/Pacific Islanders and those of African Americans. This factsheet is based on results reported in CSCS 2008-10 Statewide Results, CTAG Report 2.

Factsheet 2 (pdf): School Climate Perceptions of Staff in Schools with Different Racial/Ethnic Compositions

An analysis of 2008-10 CSSS data based on the predominant racial/ethnic composition of school student enrollment showed that staff in Predominantly Asian and White schools consistently reported markedly more positive results on school climate indicators than staff in Predominantly African American schools, who reported the most negative results, or in Latino schools, who fell in the middle. There were only very small differences between Predominantly and Plurality Latino schools. This report is a companion to the analyses of 2004-06 California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) data, summarized in CHKS Factsheet #8 which showed that student reports of both academic performance and school well-being indicators varied consistently across schools based on their predominant racial/ethnic enrollment. Download the full survey report.

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